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Belize videos that will help you get a sense of the place

If you’ve yet to come to Belize for the first time, this whole country probably sounds rather mysterious. It’s an odd combination of Caribbean influences that are quite unlike most of the rest of Central America and Mexico, with a pace of life that is so relaxed at times that it can make a wheat field seem like Times Square by comparison.

So here are 5 videos that can help you get to know the country a bit better before you come:

San Pedro golf cart tour

With the exception of what looks like a potentially horrifying crash with a young bicyclist about 2:20 in, this random golf cart tour through the heart of San Pedro on Ambergris Caye is a bit dull. It actually makes San Pedro seem worse than it is, and the loud cart noise doesn’t help, but it’s still interesting to see the lay of the land in the commercial heart of the city.

Riding bikes on Caye Caulker

This 101-second video is shot from atop a bicycle cruising around tiny Caye Caulker. It really does give you an excellent feel of what to expect.

Placencia Village

This promotional video shows random scenes from Placencia’s small village. Again, it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect in this place that is somewhat hard to picture otherwise.

Blue Hole dive

Here’s a 7-minute video of a group dive in Belize’s famous Blue Hole dive spot. I’m not a diver, so this is the closest I’ll probably ever come.

A drive through Belize City

This short video is of some people just randomly driving through Belize City, and mostly pointing the camera out the left window while they chat about something that you can’t make out. Most experienced travelers feel compelled to spend a night or two in any country’s largest city, but I don’t really recommend that for Belize unless you’ve got some specific reason to do so. This video doesn’t make the place look terrible, but compare it to the others and you’ll get an idea why it’s not really a tourist destination.