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Weddings in Belize

Belize weddingThese days, huge weddings where the couple invites everyone they or their parents have ever met are for suckers. Why spend $50,000 on a big place only so all those ingrates can bitch and moan about having to attend, and then in return they give you some consumer item you’ve requested that will go unused up until the day you sell it in a garage sale? Nope, the smart money is all about a limited group of family and friends jetting off to some exotic location like Belize.

Ambergris Caye is the most popular spot for weddings in Belize, and also the most popular spot for honeymoons. There are more boutique and upscale mini-resorts on the island than there are in the rest of the country combined, so the choices are great. Your Caribbean-themed Belize wedding can be far less expensive than a similar ceremony in Hawaii or other South Pacific island. Getting married in an exotic place like Belize is so nice it’s almost worth marrying someone you know you are incompatible with just for the sake of doing it.

Types of weddings popular in Belize

  • The beach, of course, tops the list. Many resorts will coordinate the whole thing for you, and a couple will even rent you an entire island for a week for you and all your guests.
  • Traditional Belize weddings include ceviche, rice and beans, Garifuna drums, and tropical flowers.
  • Scuba-themed weddings – One Ambergris Caye dive operator will marry you underwater providing everyone is already certified.
  • Riverside weddings are popular, usually at sunset on an island only accessible by ferry
  • The secluded Butterfly Waterfalls are an interesting setting deep in the Maya Mountains, as long as the wedding party is up for a bit of a hike.


Your resort or wedding coordinator will help you will all the requirements, but here is a short rundown so you’ll know what to expect:

  • License – At least one of the parties must be in the country for 3 days before applying on the 4th. You can obtain a license in Belize City or the capital of Belmopan for US$100.
  • Valid passports are needed for both parties, with date of entry stamps.
  • Proof of citizenship is needed, as in a valid passport or birth certificate
  • Blood test/parental consent are not needed for people 18 and over
  • Witnesses – You’ll need at least two witnesses, a man and a woman, and these can include hotel staff

Wedding coordinators

If you are ready to take the plunge you should not have much problem finding a resort or wedding coordinator in Belize who can help you with all the details. Here are a couple to get you started on your research: