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The slow way from Caye Caulker to Placencia – Raggamuffin Tours

RaggamuffinToursBelize is a small country with quite a few different flavors in different regions so it’s nice to be able to connect at least 2 or 3 when you visit for a week or more. They have fixed-price flights between all the major areas, and obviously those are the fastest way to get from one place to another, but for something different you might try Raggamuffin Tours’ 3-day/2-night sailing/snorkeling/camping tours leaving twice a week from Caye Caulker.

As long as at least 8 people have signed up, each Tuesday and Friday morning the company sets a course for adventure toward the somewhat remote peninsula in the south of the country that is known for having the nation’s finest beaches. The cost is US$250 per person, which may sound like a lot at first, but it comes with all the equipment you need for 3 days of snorkeling, fishing, and camping on secluded islands with your group, and all your food and drinks as well.

The large sailboat takes off from Caye Caulker and stops a couple times each day for snorkeling and fishing off some small and remote islands before stopping one night on Rendezvous Caye and the next on Tobacco Caye for some island camping. The crew prepares the fish everyone caught for an authentic local dinner under the stars, and you’ll sleep in the large tents they provide, but that doesn’t mean this is a luxurious trip.

The boat can be crowded and all the guests share the same on-board toilet facility. Yep, this is an adventure trip and not something well suited to people who don’t really like roughing it. The scenery is stunning and the tiny islands you visit along the way will stick in your mind for the rest of your life, but this is an aquatic camping trip so go with that spirit in mind and you’ll have a great time.

Two and a half days after departing in Caye Caulker the sailboat pulls in to Placencia where a new Belize adventure awaits, but it is possible to arrange passage back on the ship as they sail back to Caye Caulker overnight. But since Placencia offers so many delights of its own it would be a shame to turn right around and leave. An excellent way to break up a weeklong trip is two nights in Caye Caulker, two nights sailing, and two more nights on Placencia with its fine beaches and ultra-mellow vibe.

Other Raggamuffin trips

Raggamuffin Tours is based in Caye Caulker and they offer several other trips as well for those who would rather sleep in the same hotel bed each night. Sure, they do the full-day snorkeling trips in a similar way to several other companies, and they do it for a very reasonable price of US$35 per person, including all the gear and even lunch.

They also have a few trips that take them beyond the basic. They offer 2.5-hour Sunset Cruises around Caye Caulker and also Moonlight Cruises that are often chartered for specific parties, but are also usually available to the pubic. These include food, drinks, and unforgettable Caribbean ambiance.

Raggamuffin also does fishing excursions that concentrate on fly-fishing, deep sea fishing, or trawling. They provide all the equipment in addition to water and snacks, and even lessons or instruction if you need it. They charge per boat and prices are US$200 for half a day and US$250 for a full day, with a maximum of 4 fishermen per boat or 2 for fly-fishing.