Language – English is the official language of Belize, although Spanish is also common near the borders and some local dialects are used in places as well.

Flag – The Belize flag was adopted in 1981, just after it gained full independence from England.

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Time Zone – Belize is the same as the United States Central Time Zone (GMT – 6 hours) and Daylight Savings Time is not observed, so during summer Belize is the same as the Mountain Time Zone.

Currency – The Belize Dollar (BZ$) is fixed at 2 for each US Dollar, and US Dollars are widely accepted so there is usually no need to change money over at all. Belize Dollars are worthless outside of the country, so don’t change much or pull too much out of the ATMs. Prices are usually quoted in Belize Dollars, but not always, so confirm which it is before committing.




Banks and ATMS – Banks are open only Monday through Friday, and can be hard to find in secluded resort spots. Each major area has at least one, but they may not always be conveniently located depending on where you stay. Almost every bank has ATMs, which will let you take out up to $500 Belize Dollars ($250 USD) per day. Most, but not all, work on the Star and Cirrus systems. Look for the logo before inserting your card.

Credit cards – Most of the hotels in Belize will accept credit cards, as will many of the larger restaurants. But many smaller places and souvenir sellers only accept cash so be prepared. A service charge of 5% is usually added when using credit cards, so cash is king in Belize.

Electricity – Belize uses 110 volts and 2 or 3 prong sockets, just as in the United States and Canada.

Entry requirements – A visa is not required to enter Belize and visitors are allowed to stay up to 30 days in the country. Exemptions are made for up to 90 days if you meet their requirements as a potential investor or business traveler and can prove you have at least $50 for each day you intend to stay.

Shots/jabs – There are no shots required for entering Belize, however malaria tablets are recommended for extended stays in the interior jungle areas.

Telephones – Very few coin-operated phones remain so it’s necessary to buy a prepaid phone card to use the pay phones. The cards are easy to find at markets, hotels, and gift shops, and come in values ranging from BZ$5 to BZ$50. The country code for Belize is +501 and there are no area codes inside the country.

Mobile phones
– An unlocked GSM 1900 MHz phone can be activated at any Belize Telecommunications Limited (BTL) or Digicell office. At least one BTL office can be found in every tourism center.

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