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US Embassy in Belize

Going to an embassy while you are traveling often means something troubling has happened. If you lost your passport, need new pages, or have some other traveling-related mishap that requires government intervention you’ll need to contact or go to the US Embassy in the Belize capital of Belmopan. The old US Embassy was located in Belize City, but the new embassy in Belmopan opened in December 2006. If you see a Belize City address somewhere that information is old.

If you’ve never needed or visited an embassy while traveling before you may be surprised to know the things they can/can’t and will/won’t do. At least they can be a great source to point you in the right direction if you need something they can’t help you with directly.

US citizens are urged to register with the embassy when traveling in Belize, or any other country, but realistically it’s a lot of hassle for nothing for the vast majority of people. If you’ll be spending a long time in Belize, and especially if you will be in rural areas doing things that may be dangerous, registering begins to make sense.

Fortunately, you can no register your presence in any country online for free on the new State Department travel registration site.

The current US Embassy can be found at:

U.S. Embassy Belmopan

Floral Park Road

Belmopan, Cayo

Tel: (501) 822-4011

Fax:(501) 822-4050


8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday
Closed noon to 1 p.m. for lunch
Closed all US and Belizean holidays

Official US Embassy in Belize website

e-mail address:

Getting to Belmopan

Belmopan is about 48 miles west of Belize City. Obviously you can drive there if you’ve got a car, but there are also frequent buses connecting the cities each day at a cost of around US$2 each way. The bus station in Belize City is a short walk from the Marine Terminal. Daily buses from Dangriga and San Ignacio also stop in Belmopan.