Here’s yet another one of our Belize pictures. I think this is on Caye Caulker, but it’s possible that it’s on Ambergris Caye to be honest with you. The islands do look quite alike from angles like this. This is a typical modest home of a local, and something you […]

Random Belize Photo of the Moment – Modest home on ...

Here’s a photo from our Belize pictures collection and specifically from the recent photos area because it doesn’t fit into one of the main categories. This is Rendezvous Caye, which is one of the stops on the Ragamuffin Tours cruises from Caye Caulker to Placencia.

Random Belize Photo of the Moment – Rendezvous Caye

Here’s kind of an unusual photo from the recent photos section on our Belize pictures page. This was taken from a Tropic Air flight from Placencia to Belize City. Those houses in the distance are the southern part of Belize City itself. The main part of the town where the […]

Random Belize Photo of the Moment – Above Belize City

This photo of Caye Caulker is not from our main Belize photos section because it was taken by the writer of our Caribbeanlogue and Businesstravellogue. The interesting thing about this photo is that it’s actually of what is basically the center of the village on Caye Caulker. On Front Street […]

Random Belize Photo of the Moment

Here’s a random photo of Ambergris Caye from our Belize photos section. The guy in the picture said something about being in the Witness Protection Program, but he’d had a few Belikins so it’s really hard to sort out if there is any truth to that or not. Belize is […]

Random Belize Photo of the Moment

Here’s a photo of the Rainbow Grill & Bar on Caye Caulker from the Caye Caulker photos section of our Belize photos page. The Rainbow is one of the better over-water dining and drinking options on the island, and that paint job on the side of the deck hanging over […]

Random Belize Photo of the Moment

Here’s a shot taken from our Ambergris Caye photos section in our Belize photos area on this site. One of the really cool things about Belize is that you can be walking around on its most visited island and still run across plenty of untouched areas without going too far.

Random Belize Photo of the Moment