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Lagoon house for sale on Ambergris Caye, for example

Lagoon HouseBelize is the kind of place that almost everyone who visits at least briefly toys with the idea of moving there, at least some day in the future. An English-speaking country with a stable government and gorgeous tropical weather is an appealing combination, and if you add it affordable real estate prices it makes it even better.

We’ve recently launched a Belize real estate section where people can list properties for free and of course people can browse them for free as well. We have several different categories: commercial, houses, land, and even rentals, so there are quite a few things to look at.

Just because so many people are curious about prices, I thought I’d feature a property now and again. This one is a 3-bedroom house on Ambergris Caye, on the lagoon edge, about a mile and a half south of San Pedro town. It’s listed at US$130,000, but the key part might be that the lot is quite large and you can build up to 3 stories there.

I’ll feature some other properties in the future because many people daydream about buying land or a house in Belize, and it can be fun to see some specifics now and again.