Weather in Belize

The climate in Belize is tropical, with hot and humid weather year round. Temperatures vary slightly from season to season. The coolest part of the year is between December and March; while the hottest is between May and September. March is the driest month, while October is the wettest.

In the higher regions – Mountain Pine Ridge and the Maya Mountains – the temperatures drop 3C every 1000 ft rise in altitude, making the weather more comfortable.

There are two seasons in Belize:



  • wet: from mid-May to November in the south; from mid-June to November in the north
  • dry: from February to April

November to February is the cooler part of the year, a transitional period, with a limited amount of rain.


In Belize City, the hottest weather is between May and September, with the average high daily temperature of 30C and the average low of 25-26C; the coolest weather is from December to February, when the average high drops to 26C and the average low to 21C.

Best time to visit

The highest season is the dry season (December to May). The shoulder months can be quite rainy but not enough to scare the tourists. Most travelers come here between mid-December and mid-January, when the prices are at their highest, although they start to increase by early December. Another high influx of travelers is during Easter.

May and June, although part of the rainy season, can be great choices to visit Belize. It’s cheaper than during the high season and you can avoid the crowds. Still, kiss the lobster good bye (it’s not in season).

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