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Belize ambulanceTravel insurance is a subject that many people don’t consider until it’s too late. Obviously the vast majority of our trips go off without a major hitch, but when something goes wrong on the road it can be far worse than if the same thing happened at home. And even if you have coverage at home it may not mean you have the same coverage while you are traveling. It’s worth looking into, and since Belize is the sort of place where large and modern hospitals are not on every corner, it might be even more important.

Types of travel insurance to consider

Trip Protection Insurance

This insurance usually costs a small percentage of your overall trip, and will cover most of your non-refundable travel expenses if a crisis comes up such as: death, sickness, airline strike, travel provider going bankrupt, and many other things as well. Many people would never travel without this type of insurance, mostly just for the peace of mind. Since Belize is still an “emerging country” as they say, the chances of a problem here might be slightly higher than they would be elsewhere.

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Travel Medical Insurance

This insurance is designed to cover any medical expenses you might incur while traveling or living abroad. Many Americans don’t have health insurance even at home, and even those who do may not have coverage while traveling. It’s worth checking your own situation well before you leave to see how are you set up. In either case, this insurance will give you some peace of mind knowing a medical emergency won’t wipe you out.




Belize isn’t necessarily a dangerous place, but if you are going to doing a lot of outdoor adventure stuff it might make sense to make sure you are covered. If your plan is to sit on the beach and drink beer all day, it’s probably not as critical.

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Flight/Travel Accident Insurance

This is for when something catastrophic happens to your flight. The two airlines in Belize have pretty good safety records, so this would obviously be mostly for peace of mind.

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Annual multi-trip Insurance

This is meant for people who travel often and want coverage for multiple trips all at once. Since Belize is a common stop for RTW and long-term travelers, this one might be especially interesting.

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Emergency Evacuation Insurance

As the name implies, this one is for times when you might need emergency evacuation, which is never cheap. Again, if you are planning on doing dangerous outdoor activities in Belize, this one might be worthwhile. It’s cheap and will keep your relatives from worrying.

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