Belize Flag

Belize Flag

Belize flag information

The current Belize flag was adopted in 1981, just after the country gained independence from England. The flag prior to that was identical except for the 2 red stripes added for the 1981 version. The country’s motto displayed on the flag says “Sub umbra floreo,” which in Latin means “Under the shade I flourish.” The motto remains from its more than a century as a British colony.




An incredibly brief history of Belize

The land that Belize occupies was part of the Mayan empire, which had its heyday in what’s called the Classic period from 250 AD to 900 AD, after which the Maya slowly and mysteriously moved away and/or died out. Starting from around the year 1600 Spain and England fought back and forth for control over the area until England finally took control for good in 1872, naming the country British Honduras.

The move for full independence began around the middle of the 20th Century, and in January 1964 British Honduras became a self-governing colony. The country was renamed Belize on June 1, 1973, and on September 21, 1981 the country gained full independence.

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