January is prime visiting season in Belize, and strangely there aren’t many special events that help define the season. This is probably the best time of the year to visit Belize and there is plenty to do in this tiny Caribbean country as it is, so the fact that you […]

January in Belize

If you’ve visited places like Cancun or Hawaii, and you are considering going to Belize at some point, you might be shocked at how incredibly different this tiny Central American country is from the more famous tropical destinations. Everything in the country moves slowly, and until very recently, there has […]

Belize Photos – now online

The winter in North America is the ideal time to visit Belize for quite a few different reasons. Not only is it almost always warm in this tiny Central American country on the Caribbean, but the dry season starts in mid-November so the climate is usually near perfect in December. […]

December in Belize

These days, huge weddings where the couple invites everyone they or their parents have ever met are for suckers. Why spend $50,000 on a big place only so all those ingrates can complain and moan about having to attend, and then in return they give you some consumer item you’ve […]

Weddings in Belize