The official language of Belize is English, and this beautiful country in South America has everything you could ever wish for in a luxury holiday. Stay in a tropical rainforest setting or choose a beautiful beach front resort. There is something for everyone, and there has never been a better […]

3 Great Luxury Resorts in Belize

Exciting news if you are looking for a hotel in Belize – we just changed over to a new and modern system that should make things much easier for everyone. As you may know, many hotels in Belize aren’t listed on any travel site, but the ones that are can […]

Finding cheap hotels in Belize just got easier

Okay, I’ll admit that I’d never even heard of Sarteneja Village until just now, but after reading about the Backpackers Paradise cabanas and campsite I totally want to go. It’s fairly close to Corozal, which is a common stopping point for people coming or going to or from Chetumal, Mexico […]

Backpackers Paradise – Really cheap beds in Northern Belize