US Embassy in Belize

Going to an embassy while you are traveling often means something troubling has happened. If you lost your passport, need new pages, or have some other traveling-related mishap that requires government intervention you’ll need to contact or go to the US Embassy in the Belize capital of Belmopan. The old […]

UK Embassy in Belize

Going to an embassy while traveling often means that something has gone wrong, but they provide a variety of services for both travelers and expats living in the country. Since Belize gained independence from the UK in 1981 there has been a High Commission located in the country. The current […]

Canadian Embassy in Belize

If you are a Canadian citizen and you need the services of your embassy the news here is mixed. The good news is there is a consulate office in Belize City that can perform most of the citizen services you might need. The bad news is that their hours of […]

Slow Season Even Slower After Dean and Felix

September and October are traditionally slow months for tourism in Belize and recent hurricanes Dean and Felix have made things even slower. Statistics haven’t been officially compiled yet, but anecdotal evidence indicates that things were typically slow as Hurricane Dean threatened the area, and then got much worse as Hurricane […]

Hurricane Felix Misses Belize

In what comes as great news for most of Belize and those planning to travel there, Hurricane Felix bypassed the country altogether. The coastal Caribbean nation had scrambled under a hurricane watch for several days as the giant storm approached, but fortunately most of those precautions turned out to be […]

Help Wanted

G’day! You’ve reached a section of New Site Created that is, sadly, empty. In time, however, it will be filled with all sorts of fantastic information, so if this particular subject is your bag, bookmark it and come back later. Meanwhile, why not encourage us to get off the couch […]