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Belize real estate – list and browse ads for free

Belize HouseLet’s face it, Belize fans, this is just one of those kinds of places. Nearly everyone who comes to this country daydreams about owning, or at least renting, a house here. The gorgeous scenery, simple lifestyle, great weather, and friendly people make it very tempting for people even on modest budgets. So far the prices of real estate here haven’t caught up with prices in similar resort communities, so there is always interest from both daydreamers and investors.

So we are happy to announce that we’ve set up a section on Belizelogue for real estate listings. If you’ve got a property you can list it for free, or if you are considering buying or renting a place you can look through the photos and details of all the places currently being offered.

This is relatively new, but we are pretty sure this will catch on pretty quickly. So if you’ve got a place please list it so the many browsers will be able to consider it. There are different sections for homes, rentals, land, and commercial property, and it will always be free to list. Check out the free Belize real estate listings to see if there is anything that looks right for you.