Travel Agents

Belize stands alone in Central America in many ways so it’s an unusual choice as a destination. Choosing a travel agent for Belize is not something you want to take lightly. A good Belize travel agent should know that the resort islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are great for water sports and diving, but poor choices if you mainly want to relax on the beach. And also that Placencia is great for beaches as well as water sports, but it’s a bit remote.

When searching for a Belize travel agent you might want to tell someone you are considering going to either Cancun or Belize to see what their reaction is. The two places are nothing alike so a good travel agent will immediately point that out, but many of them will instantly try to book you into Cancun because it’s easier for them to get a fat commission that way. If you want to go to Belize, chances are you don’t want to go to Cancun (this time) so make sure your travel agent knows the difference.




Once you arrive in the country, there are small Belize travel agents who will happily book you for your ongoing travels and tours inside the country. But you don’t want to use a travel agent to get to Belize who doesn’t know the great differences between the areas.

We are looking for travel agents who understand the nuances of this wonderful coastal Caribbean country. If you are a travel agent with knowledge of Belize contact us so we can promote people who we can trust. The first advertiser for this page will be listed as a “featured” travel agent for 12 months. Contact us about pricing at