Belize Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals are an excellent way to save money while visiting a country. If you travel with a group of friends or families with children, it’s both relaxing and nice to stay in a house , close to the beach, exploring the area at your own time. Plus, if you want to save more money or the kids are picky eaters, it’s always nice to be able to cook the meals and not relay on restaurants.

When to rent

Belize offers sun and warm weather year round but the weather does play a role when planning your vacation here. Or better said: the heat and the rain. During winter – June to November – it’s rainy but the temperatures are pleasant; while during summer it’s drier and hot. If you wan to enjoy the outdoor activities, then the rainy season is the best time to come to Belize.

The highest prices for everything are during the high season which coincides with the dry season. The most popular months to visit Belize are December , January and February. If you are looking for the cheapest time of the year to visit Belize, that’s between June and September, during the hurricane season.

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What to rent

If you haven’t rented a vacation house before, it can be quite hard to figure out what you need. Start with the number of persons that will be living together during the vacation and decide how many rooms you need. Also, decide what’s important for all of you: should you pay more for a premium location? Or the facilities are more important? Do we cook the meals or eat out? - Vacations with more room.
Thanks to the Internet it’s easy and fast to find and book a vacation rental pretty much anywhere in the world, including in Belize. All you need is a valid credit/debit card and some time to find the best deal for you. Make sure to read the description of the houses and also go through the reviews before booking.

In Ambergris Caye, expect to pay from US$108* per night for a 2 bedrooms villa which sleeps 6 and has includes bicycle rental and other freebies. In Placencia, you can get find cabins for US$350-US$550 per week (1 bedroom, sleeps 3). Generally the prices are around US$175 per night for a 2 bedroom villa which sleeps 6.

As a rule of thumb, the more popular the destination you choose, the more expensive the rates will be. So, if you like to explore the less known parts of Belize, you can save quite a lot of money on accommodation.

Note:* prices valid at the time the article was written and for the high season.

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